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The Swift reticle is designed to ensure it is optically centered no matter how much correction you make for elevation and windage.

Quadraplex Reticle

The Quadraplex is a quick and easy to use reticle, and one of the most efficient reticles ever designed. The Quadraplex allows you to quickly find the intersection of the reticle and put the intersection on the target. The Quadraplex uses thin stadia lines at the intersection for day or bright light conditions and can be transition to using only the heavy posts to bracket the target under low light conditions.

The Circle Plus Reticle
The Circle Plus
reticle is a variation of the Quadraplex. The Circle Plus has all the same great characteristics as the Quadraplex, plus the circle around the intersection to help you bracket the target if you can't find the intersection of the reticle. If the target is in the circle, you squeeze the trigger.

The Mil-Dot Reticle The Mil-Dot
reticle is used for estimating range by finding a known dimension on either the target or on an object that you believe is near the target, or even in the same horizontal plane as the target. You use a little math, and you have an estimate of the range you'll need to adjust for.


The RHS Reticle
The RHS reticle is designed to compensate for 250 grain sabots, fired from muzzle loaders with the following bullet drops:

Scope is zeroed at 75 yards
150 yards, covers 8 inches
200 yards, covers 14 inches
225 yards, covers 20 inches
250 yards, covers 28 inches

Each solid dot corresponds to 2 MOA. You can hold at the top of the dot or hold at the bottom of the dot to taylor the reticle to the specific loads you use. All Swift reticles are designed to ensure it is optically centered no matter how much correction you make for elevation and windage.

The Illuminated Quadraplex reticle is powered by the commonly found CR2032 battery, the Swift Illuminated The Illuminated Quadraplex reticleQuadraplex, simply put, is an efficient reticle that is quick and easy to use. This reticle lets you quickly find the lighted intersection and place the cross hair on the target. With a choice of Green and Red illumination, there is no low ambient light with a low contrast target that can evade you.

The Illuminated Dot reticle lets you quickly acquire your The Illuminated Quadraplex reticletarget in any lighting condition. This reticle is widely used by military organizations world wide. Which makes it the perfect addition to any black gun. The ability to quickly choose between Red or Green Illumination gives the shooter more versatility in all lighting conditions.



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