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  • SRP648 1.5-4.5x32
  • SRP658M 2-7x40
  • SRP674N 3-9x40
  • SRP676 4-12x40 CS
  • SRP659 3.5-10x44
  • SRP669 6-18x44 CS
  • SRP671 3-9x50 CS
  • SRP649 4-12x50 CS
  • SRP672 6-18x50 CS
  • SRP677 6-24x50 CS
  • SRP678 8-32x50 CS


Designed to meet the high-performance requirements of the discerning hunter, the SwiftPremier Riflescope Collection delivers superior optics, quick target acquisition and dependable results.

These scopes are the result of years in research and development, the sole purpose of which has been to design the finest, most practical riflescopes within the capability of modern technology. Offering maximum light transmission for greater target definition in various light conditions, as well as reinforced reticle mounts, low-profile target turrets and accommodating quick-focus eye relief. The extraordinary quality of materials and workmanship make this collection the soundest investment of its kind.

With a streamlined appearance and attention to detail, the SwiftPremier collection is sure to enhance the look of any rifle. From a sleek silhouette to ergonomic turret caps and frontal AO knurling patterns, the entire line balances form and function in one package. Distinctive gold etched markings, a new logo and a royal red objective band complete the lines external appearance.

This attention to detail is more than skin deep. All aspects of the optical path have been upgraded for quick target acquisition and repeatable results. Particular attention has been given to further enhance the now legendary light transmission, including the addition of a quick-thread Sunshade on each model.

From the wide field-of-view to the accommodating quick-focus eye relief, these scopes are designed for seamless "point and shoot" situations. Each nitrogen charged scope is waterproof, shockproof and fogproof with improved "O" rings for rugged outdoor use in extreme environments. Finger-turn windage and elevation dials feature target turrets for easy, visible MOA click adjustments.

To further support our belief that this line offers the best performance and value in the market, each SwiftPremier Riflescope is backed by our Swift Lifetime Warranty, insuring that you will always be in the hunt.


Model # SRP648M



Circle Plus reticle for easy focusing on target. Great for turkey hunting and black powder shooting. An excellent choice for shotguns.

Model # SRP648M
MSRP: $313.00

Out of Stock Right Now - Coming in Shipment Soon!




Unique, hard-to-find combination of power and objective size make this super-bright scope easy to use under most conditions.

Model # SRP658M
MSRP: $313.00




Re-enforced Nickel Reticle



Eleven element optical system for clearer images to the edge of the field. Also, available with Swift Sur-lok system - ideal for use on hard recoil rifles and muzzleloaders.

Model # SRP674M, Matte Finish
MSRP: $318.00

SRP674M-SL, Sur-lok System
MSRP: $326.00



Model # SRP676M

Re-enforced Nickel Reticle


4-12x40 CS

Adjustable focus from 10 yards to infinity makes this scope versatile. Featuring the Swift Coil Spring.

Model # SRP676M, Matte
MSRP: $323.50

Model # SRP676G, Gloss Finish
MSRP: $323.50


Model # SRP676S, Silver Finish
MSRP: $346.00





Wide field of view makes this a great multi-purpose riflescope.

Model # SRP659M, Matte Finish
MSRP: $389.00




specs Premier


Model # SRP669M


6-18x44 CS

Designed for varmint hunters and silhouette shooters. Effective in poor light conditions. Features our new improved Coil Spring System. Also, available with Swift Sur-lok system - ideal for use on hard recoil rifles and muzzle loaders.

Model # SRP669MA
MSRP: $410.65

Model # SRP669M
MSRP: $385.00


Out of Stock Right Now - Coming in Shipment Soon!

Model # SRP669M-SL,
Sur-lok System
MSRP: $395.50


Model # SRP671M


3-9x50 CS

Ideal magnification and light gathering. Great for woods and medium distance hunting.

Model # SRP671M, Matte Finish
MSRP: $395.50

Model # SRP649M


4-12x50 CS

Extra light gathering 50mm objective and 4-12x magnification. Ideal for woods, prairie or mountain hunting. A top seller among loyal customers

Model # SRP649M, Matte Finish
MSRP: $400.00

Out of Stock Right Now - Coming in Shipment Soon!

Model # SRP672M


6-18x50 CS

Fully multi-coated lenses Featuring our new improved Coil Spring System.

Model # SRP672M
MSRP: $421.50

Model # SRP677M


6-24x50 CS

Desired by bench-rest shooters for the combination of power and size objective. Features our new improved Coil Spring System.

Model # SRP677M
MSRP: $447.50

Model # SRP678M


8-32x50 CS

Ideal for long-distance, target and tight-group shooting. Featuring our new improved Coil Spring System.

Model # SRP678M
MSRP: $447.50

Out of Stock Right Now - Coming in Shipment Soon!


SwiftPremier Features

  • USA Made BaK7 Schott Glass
  • Light Amplifying Optics Coating
    • Fully Multi-coated Optics
    • Up to 96% Greater Light Transmission
  • Longer Eye Relief
  • Full Saddle Construction
  • 1” Aircraft Aluminum Tube
  • Re-enforced Reticle Mounts
  • Quick-Focus Eyepiece
  • Parallax Free at 100 yards
  • Target Turret, Windage and Elevation
  • 1/4” & 1/8” Click MOA
  • Self-centering Reticle
  • Waterproof, Fogproof & Shockproof
  • Swift Lifetime Warranty

All SRP models come complete with Quick-thread
Sunshade and objective dust covers

specs Premier
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